Leo Strange is Erica's older brother. Erica looked up to him and idolized him. He dropped out of college, which caused friction between him and his parents. He died a few years before the series started, caught in a burning barn. Season 1 ended with Erica going back in time to say good-bye to him. However, in violation of the rules of therapy, she intervenes on Leo's behalf and tears up the weed that he was going to smoke out in the barn, saving his life and infuriating Dr. Tom. This has profound effects on the world around Erica. Her job at River Rock, before as a junior editor of non-fiction, is instead one of prestige; she doesn't notice the change. She runs into adult Leo at her parents' home with a new fiancee; learning about his life. However, on the way to dinner that night, Leo is killed suddenly in a car crash; this is the universe's way of rebalancing, killing a man that is supposed to be dead. Erica goes back in time, saying goodbye to Leo properly and righting the timeline despite the pain.